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Ditch Blades, Rashes And Ingrown Hair For Good

Shaving, plucking, waxing, tweezing… let’s be honest, it’s all lousy.

To start, it’s time-consuming and painful. 

Ingrown hairs and micro-cuts from a dull razor are awful.

And the pain from waxing is brutal.  

Plus, these are all short term solutions -- your hair grows back and you have to do it all over again… sometimes several times a week.

Imagine being free of all that nonsense!

No more growing out your hair for a month so you can squeeze in a last-minute wax before your next vacation (and deal with an embarrassing rash and ingrown hairs while you’re trying to relax on the beach)...

Forgetting to buy fresh blades at the grocery store and suffering through a stinging razor burn all day...

And think of all that money and time you will save on buying razors, waxing equipment or booking aesthetic appointments (it’s costly and you know you have to tip each visit).

As an added bonus, you’ll save 4,680 litres of water every year by not using a blade. 

Laser hair removal is a proven, safe, and effective treatment for unwanted hair.


Will Laser Hair Removal Work For  Me?

If you’ve considered getting laser hair removal before, but haven’t committed because you heard it’s not permanent or only works on dark hair and light skin…

… we’ve got excellent news.

Our lasers work on all skin types -- dark and light -- and most hair colours. 

We’re able to accomplish what many other clinics can’t because we use the best available equipment. In fact, our laser hair removal equipment is approved by Health Canada and the U.S. FDA.

And our clinicians are highly trained and skilled at ensuring you get the best treatment and longest-lasting results.

Our lasers can remove hair on all areas of the body, including:

  • Facial hair: Avoid painful plucking

  • Leg and underarm hair: Never shave again

  • Arm, chest, back hair: Go shirtless with confidence

  • Bikini lines: No more agonizing waxing

… and more!

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal is mostly permanent. 

Hair can grow back (rarely to what it was before) during hormonal shifts, like menopause… some medications may instigate hair growth… and certain health conditions or genetics can cause hair to return.

But these are rare occasions and conditions.

You should enjoy smooth, hairless skin for the rest of your life. 

How LONG Does LAser Hair Removal Take?

Everyone is different, but we recommend you see us for at least 3-6 treatments as this will get you the best results.

Treatments can take anywhere from five to sixty minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. 

And typically there is no downtime. You should be able to return to your daily activities immediately following the procedure.

If you’re ready to simplify your life and decrease ingrown hairs… razor and wax rashes… plus time and money, book your treatment below.


What Others Say


I tried Avantia and I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in having laser hair removal done.

For my first appointments I was dealing with Janice who was wonderful, she really took the time to explain the process, discuss concerns I had and provide me with an overview of what I could expect from the treatments.

Once I started going it was an easy decision to do additional packages because the treatments are SO effective (why did I not do this sooner)- currently working on my legs.




Superb service and results!

Can't say enough positive things about my experience.

Janice was very knowledgeable and had a pleasant bedside manner. I've had two treatments for underarm laser hair removal and the hair is already about 95% gone!

My skin has never looked better... it actually glows! I'm so glad that I found out about Avantia! :) 



Staff at Avantia gave me a lot of information about the after care, and provided me with a handout to take home.

The appointment was painless. I was very nervous prior to the appointment because I had read that laser hair removal can be painful during and after the appointment. The cooling component attached to the laser hair removal machine at Avantia was amazing and I was so pleased at how quick and easy the procedure was. Afterwards, Janice contacted me to ensure that I was satisfied and still pain free.

The service I receive from Janice and all staff at Avantia is incredible. 


How Much Does it Cost?

At Avantia Restorative Health we offer a broad range of laser hair removal treatments. Here is a price list for our most popular services:

  • Women
  • Men

Hair Removal Treatment












Feet and Toes






Half Arms


Half Legs




Full Arms


Full Legs


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