​Laser Vein Removal
Go On That Beach Vacation! And Wear Those Shorts You Love!  

We’ll make sure no one asks what that ‘bruise’ is on your leg ever again.

woman with clear and smooth legs

Spider veins can be painful, unsightly and make you feel self-conscious. 

And if you’ve been wearing long pants or skirts and avoid the beach to keep the veins that spiral up your legs a secret…

Or wear heavy makeup to cover up unattractive blue and red lines on your face…

… we’re happy to share you don’t need to live with them any longer. 

If you’ve put off seeking help because you assumed treatment was expensive and required surgery, it doesn’t!

The old, painful way of reducing spider veins has been replaced with laser treatment -- a pain-free, non-surgical procedure.

It’s a natural vein removal technique that causes spider veins to fade, without any incisions or needles… hurray! 

And it offers amazing results that you can often see after only one treatment.

So you can wear those short shorts and flouncy skirt and cut your makeup routine in half.

Laser vein removal can treat spider veins on most parts of your body, including your:

√ Forehead

√ Chin

√ Nose and nasolabial folds

√ Cheeks

√ Feet

√ Lower legs and calves

√ Upper legs and thighs

√ Arms

√ Neck 


And the best part? 

It doesn’t leave any scars and it lasts forever.


Laser vein removal uses advanced laser technology that targets and destroys blood vessels that make up your spider veins.

The laser delivers light energy into your skin and gets absorbed by the blood within the targeted vein. 

Once the blood absorbs this energy, the vein heats up and causes the vessel to constrict and eventually fade from view.

Since the laser targets the blood vessels within the vein, there is minimal or no damage to the outer layer of skin. And the surrounding skin is unharmed.

It’s a 30-minute procedure that doesn’t hurt and you can walk out of our clinic right after. 

And it leaves your legs and face looking clear and beautiful as ever!

If you’re tired of missing out on activities you love because of painful veins...

… and covering up to hide the matrix of blue and red on your legs or face, please come and see us.

Our trained clinicians are waiting for you. They'll provide you with a free skin assessment and personalized treatment plan!  

Still Not Sure if it Will Work For You?

If you’re still sitting on the fence, check out some of these amazing before and afters. You can see the drastic changes these patients experienced. 

Two photos showing comparatively showing the results of IPL vein removal treatment on calf on a female patient .
Two photos showing comparatively showing the results of laser vein removal treatment on chin of a male patient .

Many of our patients experience immediate improvement in the appearance of their spider veins. 

Sometimes vessels turn gray or temporarily fade to purple or red...

This is nothing to worry about. It’s completely normal. Your vessels will fully or partially fade in about ten to fourteen days.

You may need a series of treatments to fully clear blood vessels and reduce the appearance of the veins completely...

But you’ll see a noticeable difference after your first treatment.

What Others Say


I was really impressed with the procedure as it was quick and painless and highly effective.

Janice spent a lot of time analyzing my skin and educating me throughout the entire process. 




Janice performed laser treatment on my inner leg for severe spider veins. She is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable very quickly. She is professional and went above and beyond until desired results were achieved. I highly recommend Janice for anyone considering laser treatment.



Janice was amazing! Takes the time to explain every procedure. What to expect. Follows up after the treatment as well.

I have been to many but Janice is the ultimate professional that truly cares and takes the time.


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