Skin Revitalization

Restore your skin to a healthy glow with Avantia’s specialized skincare solutions and therapy treatments.

Our trained, experienced skincare clinicians use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – a light-based treatment designed for skin revitalization – to repair and even reverse skin conditions such as sun-damaged skin, rosacea, wrinkles,
age spots, birthmarks, acne and surgical scars, and damaged blood vessels on the face and body.

Treatments are non-surgical and require no downtime for recovery.

What conditions do skin revitalization treatments Address?
Close-up photo of a woman's face, showing clear, vibrant and healthy facial skin following IPL treatment.

Light-based skin revitalization is a non-surgical treatment that will improve your skin’s appearance quickly and easily by:

  • Reversing sun damage
  • Diminishing wrinkles or stretch marks anywhere on the body
  • Reducing the appearance of surgical and acne scars
  • Eliminating facial vessels, leg veins and reducing the appearance of rosacea
  • Reducing skin pigmentation, age spots or birthmarks
  • Fractional resurfacing to treat skin irregularities and blemishes

All treatments are performed in our medical clinic by experienced skin health practitioners.

How Do Skin Revitalization Treatments Work?

Advanced laser technology (intense pulse light or IPL) is used to target the unwanted vessels within your skin, or break down stretch marks, scars, pigmentation or blemishes. The energy delivered causes them to slowly disappear through your body’s natural healing process revealing clearer, smoother, more beautiful-looking skin.

Watch to see IPL skin revitalization in action!

The procedure is only 30 minutes and has minimal downtime, getting you the best results possible while still fitting within your busy schedule.

Our clinically-proven skin revitalization treatments are performed in two steps:

  1. The first step addresses discoloration and facial veins using an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. 
  2. The second step addresses wrinkles and fine lines using a “microbeam” laser technology to stimulate collagen and elastin production – the keys to the support structure of our skin. 

Combining these technologies provides the benefits of both in less time – giving you the younger-looking skin you want, only sooner!

Our trained clinicians will provide a free skin evaluation and sensitivity test.

What patients are saying…
Infographics showing a 82% "worth it" rating from RealSelf.com users.
Infographic showing 5-star rating of IPL treatments by RealPatientRatings users.

I had an excellent experience, my technician was professional and knowledgeable, she provided the specific treatment to repair sun damaged skin on my face. I have no hesitation returning for additional treatments per my treatment plan.
Avantia patient, RealSelf.com review

I have felt a bit helpless as I watched the condition of my skin deteriorate over time. Rosacea, adult acne, sun damage, uneven skin tone and lots of fine lines. Now, after just a few Intense Pulsed Light laser treatments,
I don’t have to hide my face any more. It has corrected my sun-damaged skin and repaired damaged blood vessels on my face as well as removing age spots from my hands. I honestly feel like I look at least 10 years younger, if not more. Janice is a miracle worker!

Avantia patient, RealSelf.com review

Our skin revitalization treatments and equipment are Health Canada approved. 

does IPL Skin Revitalization Really work?
Two photos showing comparatively showing the results of IPL skin revitalization treatment for rosacea on a female patient .
Two photos showing comparatively showing the results of IPL skin revitalization treatment for sun damaged facial skin on a female patient.
Two photos showing comparatively showing the results of IPL skin revitalization treatment for stretch marks on the abdominal skin of a male patient.

Our Icon IPL treatment is a quick and easy way to undo the damage caused by the sun including vessels, sun spots and freckles. You may be just a few treatment sessions away from a clear and glowing complexion.

Our advanced skin therapy technologies and total approach to prevention and treatment will have you looking revitalized and feeling more confident within just a few treatments.

This advanced technology clears undesirable brown spots, sun damage and vessels, revealing clearer, more beautiful skin. Pulses of light target unwanted pigment and vessels within your skin. The light delivered causes them to slowly disappear through your body’s natural healing process.

Typically, only a few treatments are needed, however, depending on the condition, several treatments may be required to achieve desired results.

Most treatments are performed in under 30 minutes.

Is IPL skin revitalization for you?
Photo of a female patient receiving IPL skin rejuvenation on her facial skin.

With our skin revitalization treatments, patients can enjoy healthy skin regardless of age, ethnicity or unique skin condition.

When you first meet with your provider they will check your skin tone and make sure you’re a good candidate for IPL. Sometimes that will be done the same day as your treatment, but occasionally you’ll need to have a test patch of treatment and come back up to 48 hours later.

This fractional non-ablative laser delivers energy deep into the skin, affecting old skin cells and generating new collagen for skin that is smoother and more even.

Following treatment, most patients experience a mild, sun-burn like sensation and sometimes minor swelling. This usually lasts 2 to 24 hours. Our trained skincare professionals will discuss other possible side-effects and the necessary post-treatment care with you.

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