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Performed by Dr. Gregory Davies, MD, a board-certified gynecologist and obstetrician, the MonaLisa Touch is clinical procedure that stimulates vaginal tissue, prompting a natural healing response that restores moisture and elasticity to the vagina. It’s pain-free, non-surgical, and treatments take only a few minutes. Treatment is effective and long-lasting.

​Dr. Gregory Davies,

MD, FRCSC, FACOG Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology Queen’s University President, Avantia Restorative Health

"I understand what you’re going through, and I want to help."

“After my wife received MonaLisa Touch treatment, I became a firm believer and started offering the treatment to my patients. I’ve seen first-hand how it can improve women’s lives by not just restoring their gynecologic health, but helping to restore their confidence and intimate relationships.”

​- Dr. Gregory Davies


Let Dr. Davies help you decide if MonaLisa Touch is right for you.

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How much does MonaLisa Touch treatment cost?

MonaLisa Touch treatment is not covered by provincial health insurance or third-party insurers. Three initial treatments are $2,100 CAD, with one annual maintenance treatment at $500 CAD.

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