Online Booking Request – Ultrasound

Need to book an ultrasound appointment but don’t have time to wait on hold? Our online booking form is the quickest way to request your appointment. Please fill out the Online Booking Request Form and one of our booking specialists will be in touch shortly to book your exam.

Important: If your doctor faxed your requisition to us, you do not need to request an appointment. Please allow us 5 business days to contact you after your doctor faxes your requisition. If you have not heard from us after 5 business days, please contact your doctor to confirm the submission of your requisition. Thank you.

This online booking is for ultrasounds only. We no longer book appointments for X-ray. If you are looking to have an x-ray you may present yourself to the clinic with your requisition and OHIP card at your convenience. Please click here to join the Virtual X-Ray Line and recieve a text message when it is time to come to the clinic.